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Commitment to the "KIYOSEN" Brand [Origin]

Brought to you from Uji-Tawaracho, Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of green tea.

KIYOSEN is a long-established teahouse with its head office in Uji-Tawaracho, Kyoto, the birthplace of green tea. Kiyosen was founded in order to enable people around the world to experience the appeal of green tea.

The soil in the mountains of Uji, covered with morning mist, produces high-quality tea leaves.

Uji tea, which produces a subtle sweetness and a full-bodied aroma, is grown on mountain slopes covered with morning mist, the most suitable environment for growing high-quality tea leaves. This mountain-based technique is an integral part of the history and cultivation of Uji tea. Our tea is finished with expert craftsmanship cultivated by generations of artisans.

We, too, live in Uji-Tawara-cho and our main business is tea sales and product development.

Our first priority is to deliver the highest quality products. We tend our nearby tea field daily to check on the growth of the tea leaves, and the entire process from processing to storage of the plucked tea leaves is carried out here.

From Uji-Tawara-cho, Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese tea.

The birthplace of Japanese tea is Uji, a hilly area in the southeast of Kyoto. Kyoto City has been the political, cultural, and religious center of Japan since the capital was established by Emperor Kanmu in 794. In Uji, Japanese Buddhist culture, including Zen, and the tea ceremony tradition established in Kyoto in the 17th century by Sen no Rikyu, greatly influenced the development and expansion of tea production methods in Uji.

The development and production of sencha began in Japan during the Edo period. Since then, Uji sencha has spread throughout the country and has now gained recognition and popularity worldwide as a higt quality tea.

Izumi Shimizu

tea connoisseur / President of KIYOSEN

Born as the second son of a tea grower in Uji-Tawaracho, Kyoto, which has a 200-year history. He grew up watching and helping in the cultivation and production of tea. in his 30s, he devoted himself to mail order sales, which he started in 1955. in 1991, he established KIYOSEN co. ltd. after obtaining his certification as a tea connoisseur in 1997.

The main production area of Uji tea is in the small area of Uji-Tawaracho, Wazuka-cho, and Minami-Yamashiro-cho, and the tea is produced only in the plots of farmers who know tea and its deep history.

This allows us to constantly check and control the production process and ensure the best variety of tea leaves.

We hope you will enjoy our high-quality green tea, also known as "the elixir of longevity".