Frequently Asked Questions

Teas which are sold in supermarkets often have some problems with quality, such as they have been mixed with old leaves, have lost their aroma or are dried up.

This is because ensuring the right quantity is the first priority for the merchant and also when tea comes to the suppliers, it goes through complicated distribution processes.

Kiyosen is located in Uji Tawara, which is the production district of Uji tea, so it is possible for us to check the growing condition everyday. Also, we are able to do the refining, packing and delivery under strict quality control management.

Professional skills in tea discrimination are the key what makes a good tea. The president of Kiyosen himself, being a distributor, has an abundance of knowledge, sophisticated skills, years of experience a long-time experience and a keen sense for the tastes and aroma of fine tea.

This is why we are proud of our products and can provide the very freshest, select and high-quality Japanese tea all over the world.

In most cases the products have to go through several intermediary companies along the distribution chain. This accrues costs for each trader. It is also unavoidable that the quality will deteriorate while the tea is stored at the intermediaries or during transport if the quality management is not done properly, even if the tea is shipped right after harvest.

Kiyosen ships directly from the producing district, Uji-Tawara, so it is possible to provide the best quality Uji tea at reasonable prices.

Upon receiving your order, our shipping turnaround is 5 business days. We ship all products directly from Japan and our standard shipping method is the Express Mail Service (EMS) by the Japan Post. This is the most secure and fastest way to ship internationally at this time from Japan.

EMS usually takes approximately 3 to 5 working days from Kyoto, Japan after we have shipped your order. Please note, however, the actual delivery time may be longer depending on many factors beyond our control. In the rare case that customs checks the shipment, the package will likely need additional days to reach its destination. Delivery also tends to be slower around the holidays, especially at the end of the year around Christmas and New Years. During Japanese National Holidays there may be slight delays in processing orders as our shops will be closed. On those occasions, we will process and ship the orders the next working day.

Below are approximate delivery days for some of the countries we ship to:

  • Taiwan 2 days
  • Indonesia 3 days
  • Macao 14 days
  • USA 3-5 days
  • Canada 3-5 days
  • UK 2-4 days
  • Germany 3-5 days
  • Italy 6-8 days

Please refer to the Japan Post website in order to calculate the delivery days for other countries.

For further information, please read our Shipping Policy.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions about the product at: info@kiyosen.com

We are able to provide gift wrapping services only for products in the Gifts category.