Why Kiyosen

Direct Shipping to You from Kiyosen

Online direct sales enable us to offer low prices by eliminating the extra costs associated with wholesale and retail stores.

This allows us to offer fresh, high quality tea at the lowest possible price.

A major difference from other online stores is that we have established our headquarters in Uji-Tawara, Kyoto, the center of Japanese tea production.

This allows us to keep prices low even with high quality products.

Thorough Quality Control

Japanese tea is sold in supermarkets overseas.
However, they are not at all as fresh and flavorful as those available at specialty stores and Japanese tea cafes in Uji, Kyoto.
They deteriorate during transportation because of inadequate quality control.

In general, it is very difficult to keep Japanese tea fresh. At KIYOSEN, we maintain thorough quality control from the cultivation of the tea leaves to harvesting, packaging, and shipping.

This quality control allows us to deliver our products in their best condition to customers around the world.


Uji tea, which exudes a faint sweetness and a rich aroma, is cultivated in the most suitable environment for growing high-quality tea; on the slopes of the mountains of Uji covered with morning mist. We produce our tea in line with this mountain-based technique, which has been used for many years in the cultivation of Uji tea.

Our main business is the development and sales of tea products, but the reason why we are based in Ujitawara-cho is to deliver the highest quality products every day. This is also because we chose a place where we can personally manage the entire process, from checking the growth of the tea leaves and processing the picked tea leaves to complying with all the rules and regulations in regards to shipping them.


KIYOSEN Sweets brand tea products are original products, each of which is carefully selected for its quality.
Uji matcha has a moderate astringency and flavor, a refreshing aroma, and a bright green color. We started making matcha products because we wanted more people to know the delicate charm of matcha.

In the midst of the recent "matcha boom," we have seen excessive coloring and flavoring used in matcha confections and other products due to coloring agents and additives, and have reduced these as much as possible, using only the finest Uji matcha in large quantities.
By maximizing the natural appeal of matcha, we aimed to create a "premium brand" of tea that would be popular among people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
Recently, we have also added a lineup of products using hojicha "roasted tea." These products are the pinnacle of matcha and hojicha teas, as well as excellent health support. We look forward to your continued patronage of Uji tea and Uji tea sweets for many years to come.