Uji Sencha Tea Bags - Pack of 10


Experience the convenience of our special triangular tea bags designed with a larger size and made from nylon material, which are less affected by heat or cold. To ensure a quick and enjoyable tea experience, the tea leaves have been finely cut. These unique tea bags can be placed directly in your teacup, allowing you to easily enjoy delicious tea during travel or at the office. You can also effortlessly make iced tea during the summer.

The tea leaves are carefully steamed for an extended period during the first harvest to bring out their richness, and then dried using a microwave drying machine to preserve their deep and aromatic roasted scent.

Once you taste this tea, you will understand why it is loved by so many. It is also highly recommended for those who are new to Japanese tea, offering a delightful introduction to the world of Japanese tea.


Using water at a temperature of 80°C (176°F) enhances the sweetness. Please boil the water to remove any chlorine odor when using tap water.

Optimal temperature for boiling water: 176.0°F
Optimal brewing time: 1 minute

Color:Bright green ★★★
Aroma:Invigorating ★★★
Taste:Sweetness ★★
Bitterness ★★★

Green tea

Uji, Kyoto, Japan