Uji Sencha Premium 100g in Zipper Bag


This is a Sencha tea that embodies the refreshing and invigorating aroma characteristic of Uji tea, along with a refined flavor. While it offers a smooth and pleasant drinking experience, it also possesses the unique bitterness typical of Sencha.

The leaves of this Sencha tea, which thrive under intense sunlight, contain abundant health-promoting components such as catechins, believed to have preventive effects against cancer and various adult diseases. The synergistic effect with other vitamins helps to mitigate the caffeine content.

Furthermore, this 100g of Sencha contains 250mg of Vitamin C, which remains intact even when exposed to heat. It is an additive-free product that does not use synthetic coloring agents.


When using water at temperatures between 60-80 degrees Celsius (140-176 degrees Fahrenheit) (not boiling water), the sweetness of the tea increases. To eliminate the chlorine smell when using tap water, please boil the water.

Optimal temperature for boiling water: 140.0°F
Optimal brewing time: 1 minute

Color:Bright green ★★★
Aroma:Invigorating ★★★
Taste:Sweetness ★★
Bitterness ★★★

Green tea

Uji, Kyoto, Japan