Matcha Genmaicha Tea Bags - Pack of 10

Our blend combines the perfect ratio of matcha, sencha, and genmaicha, and is conveniently packed in triangular tea bags. Not only can you use it with a teapot, but you can also easily make delicious cold-brewed tea using a thermos or an empty PET bottle.

These special tea bags are designed larger than regular tea bags and made with nylon material that is resistant to heat and cold. The tea leaves are finely cut to ensure a quick infusion, allowing you to enjoy a flavorful cup of tea in no time. Since the tea bags can be placed directly in your teacup, you can easily enjoy a delicious cup of tea while traveling or at the office. It's also great for making refreshing iced tea during the summer.

The tea leaves are steamed for a long duration to bring out their richness and aroma, and then dried using a microwave drying machine, ensuring a deep and flavorful roasted fragrance.

Once you try this tea, you'll understand why it is loved by so many. It's also highly recommended for those new to Japanese tea.

Using water at a temperature of 80°C (176°F) enhances the sweetness of the tea. Please note that the water should not be boiling. To remove any chlorine odor from tap water, please boil the water.

Optimal temperature for boiling water: 176.0°F
Optimal brewing time: 1 minute

Color:Bright green ★★★
Aroma:Invigorating ★★★
Taste:Sweetness ★★★

Green tea

Uji, Kyoto, Japan