Uji Matcha Gourmet (Ceremonial) 30g Can and Refill Pack

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This is a stone-ground Uji Matcha often used in tea ceremonies.

We carefully grind the high-quality Uji Tencha (the raw material for Matcha) selected by our tea master and tea connoisseur. It is free from synthetic coloring and additives. Enjoy the refreshing aroma and unique flavor that comes from each meticulously hand-picked tea leaf. This Matcha is popular among those who are new to drinking Matcha.

The tea leaves that become Matcha are cultivated by covering them with straw mats (Yoshibari) starting 20 days before harvest, blocking sunlight. Uji Matcha is known for its low bitterness and its characteristic sweet and mellow taste.

※Refill packs are also available, so please consider purchasing them for your next order. The packs come with a zip-lock seal to ensure freshness and maintain optimal quality.


Optimal temperature for boiling water: 158.0°F

Color:Bright green ★★★★
Aroma:Invigorating ★★★★
Taste:Sweetness ★★★

Green tea

Uji, Kyoto, Japan