Uji Tea Gift 120g (Sencha & Gyokuro)


Uji Tea Gift Set carefully crafted by our tea connoisseur, featuring a traditional Japanese patterned tea canister.

This gift set includes Uji Gyokuro (Shaded Green Tea) and Sencha (Steamed Green Tea), personally selected by our shop owner (certified tea connoisseur). It is made from high-quality green tea sourced from the southern region of Kyoto Prefecture, renowned for its aromatic teas.

The Sencha in this set is characterized by its refreshing aroma, mild bitterness, and subtle sweetness. It is made exclusively from the first flush tea leaves harvested in early May, known as "Ichibancha," ensuring exceptional quality. It offers a delightful balance of refreshing green tea flavor with a smooth, mellow sweetness. Perfect for enjoying a relaxing cup of tea during various occasions, from a moment of respite to a companion at the dining table. Tea enthusiasts highly appreciate this premium-grade Sencha. For optimal flavor, we recommend steeping it at around 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit), slightly lower than boiling water.

The highlight of this tea is the distinctive, mellow sweetness found in Uji Gyokuro, the epitome of Gyokuro teas. It is carefully crafted from the finest first flush tea leaves, grown in well-maintained and nutrient-rich tea fields. Experience the clear, translucent, pale green hue unique to Uji Gyokuro, along with its rich, smooth sweetness derived from the nutrient-dense tea leaves. We suggest a water temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius (122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for a leisurely and enjoyable tea session.

・Gyokuro (120g) x 1 canister
・Sencha (120g) x 1 canister
Total of 2 cans

Original tea canisters featuring traditional Japanese patterns

【Shelf Life】
180 days at room temperature

【No additives, no artificial coloring】


Green tea

Contains no specified allergenic ingredients

Uji, Kyoto, Japan