Top-Grade Uji Tea Gift (Sencha and Gyokuro)


Kyoto Tea Master Kiyosen Presents Top-Grade Uji Tea Gift Set

This gift set features top-grade Uji Gyokuro and Uji Sencha, among Uji teas. We deliver the pinnacle of Uji tea, Gyokuro, and Sencha, in a wooden box. Truly the finest gift representing Japanese tea culture.

[Uji Gyokuro]
Smooth and refreshing, with an elegant sweetness that encapsulates rich flavors. This is the ultimate Uji Gyokuro, of the highest quality in every aspect.

[Uji Sencha]
Characterized by a refreshing aroma and taste, using only the top part of new shoots and young tea leaves.

The tea will be delivered in embossed cans, with a deep and glossy finish in gold and silver. The outer wooden box will be carefully wrapped with Kyoto Kiyosen's original washi paper.

・Uji Gyokuro "Kiwami" × 1 can
・Uji Sencha "Kiwami" × 1 can
Total of 2 cans (Choice of 80 g or 120 g)

Embossed cans with a deep, glossy finish in gold and silver Wooden box with a cover made of washi paper

[Shelf Life]
180 days at room temperature

[Additive-free, No Artificial Coloring]


Green tea

Contains no specified allergenic ingredients

Uji, Kyoto, Japan