Uji Gyokuro Super Premium 100g in Zipper Bag


This is the highest-grade Uji Gyokuro, carefully hand-picked by skilled artisans. It is characterized by its natural smoothness and sweetness. Please note that the stock of this product is extremely limited.

The highest grade of green tea is called "Gyokuro" and was perfected during the late Edo period.

In the past, it was named "Gyokuro" because its shape was round like dew (nowadays it is long and needle-like).

The tea leaves that become Gyokuro are cultivated by covering them with reed screens, blocking sunlight, starting 20 days before harvest.

Using a cultivation method that originated in the 17th century, it increases the production of theanine (an amino acid derivative found in tea) that creates sweetness, while reducing catechins (tannins) that produce astringency.

Covering the plants with reed screens gives rise to a unique aroma called "kabuseka" (covered fragrance).


Using water at temperatures between 50-60 degrees Celsius (140.0°F) (not boiling water) will enhance the sweetness. To eliminate the chlorine smell when using tap water, please boil the water.

Optimal temperature for boiling water: 140.0°F
Optimal brewing time: 2 minutes

Color:Bright green ★★★
Aroma:Invigorating ★★★
Taste:Sweetness ★★★

Green tea

Uji, Kyoto, Japan